We’ve brought it all together.

One studio where our designers, marketers, and tech specialists collaborate to craft the perfect visual brand identity for you and your business.

Fetching Finn is a quirky little Digital Media and Brand Design company addicted to creating visual “Oh, my gawd – I love it!” moments. We’ll guide and advise you through the services – from logo to lingo, social to signage, and website to wardrobe. And when your visual brand package is ready to launch, you won’t be set to sea alone. Our team will stand by to support your branding with ongoing design, marketing, and tech services…just like the Robin to your Batman.

Brand Design Services

Brand Design Packages

Graphic Design
Logo design, business cards, brochures, ads, trade show displays and more.

Website Design
Premium WordPress websites, e-commerce, membership platforms and more.

Photography + Video
Corporate photos and videos that showcase your true brand personality and environment.

Brand messaging, copywriting, social media, SEO, advertising and more.

Retail Design
Brand your work environment. Signage, vinyl graphics, custom wallpaper and more.

Support Solutions

Don’t have the time to be actively maintaining your brand design, marketing, or website security?

We believe in long term relationships. Our team is ready to support your branding with ongoing design, marketing, and website updates. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your visual brand presence is fresh and evolving. Protect your website investment with security features and regular backups. We’ll arm you with new technology and ideas that will WOW your customers and keep you top of mind.

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