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How to get paid for your personality with Shaunda Necole

Episode 012

Shaunda Necole is a food and lifestyle blogger, content creator, and Pinterest marketing expert. Her vibrant commentary and wild free spirit make her a favorite of audiences worldwide!

Shaunda kicked off her career building a 7-figure cheerleading company and later transformed those cheers into an influencer brand – building an Instagram following of over one-hundred thousand and earning four million monthly Pinterest views. She has been featured on television, on top-rated podcasts, and in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Fast Company, and Refinery29.

Passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to get paid for their personality, Shaunda can’t stop crushing on Pinterest – and knows every last detail about the platform. She also shares her wisdom and unique perspective on social justice and Black Lives Matter, along with helpful tips for women on their hysterectomy journey.



01:18 Meet Shaunda

09:33 Being an Influencer 

13:22 Creating Instagram

14:49 Setting up my Website

12:01 Getting in Touch with the Brands

24:11 Creative Vision

28:48 Teach People How to Get Paid with their Personality

31:00 Knowing the Potential

34:23 My Store

36:18 The Blogs

37:06 Loving Analytics

38:30 Pinterest Magic

50:42 Join the Program


Are you ready to live your Best Life In Biz? Shaunda has partnered with her business bestie to create an elevated space for smart driven women to gather together and harness the power of a group to move forward to the next level in their businesses. She has a special offer for Square Peg listeners who are interested in joining this space! Head to https://shaundanecole.com/best-life and use code: SquarePeg to unlock your complimentary introduction to this incredible group!

Shaunda’s website: https://shaundanecole.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shaundanecole
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ShaundaNecoleBlog
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSoulFoodPot