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Your HeartSong can make your heart sing with Shannon Villalba

Episode 014

Shannon Villalba, JD LLM, is a serial entrepreneur attorney and intuitive business design coach who helps her clients by changing the narrative around legal and business strategies. Shannon guides her clients through business and law holistically, drawing upon her personal experiences, intuition, and her signature HeartSong Chakra Framework.

A cancer survivor, she used a variety of holistic mindset methods to go from stage 4 to cancer free in five months. She utilizes these same tactics in entrepreneurship along with her legal expertise. Shannon has been helping clients with their business and trademarks for over a decade and established her own virtual law firm nine years ago.

Shannon has been a guest on American Dreamers and Beyond Six Seconds, and her cancer story was featured on WKRC in Cincinnati Ohio. She received Cancer Family Care’s Unsung Hero award for her leadership and work in teaching holistic health.

Shannon is also a certified holistic practitioner, practices crystal therapy, and teaches meditation. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.



01:31 Shannon & Law school

05:18 Copyright vs Trademark

08:34 Register your Mark

14:30 Lawyer’s Advice

17:51 Client Agreements

22:05 Cancer Journey

30:44 HeartSong Chakra Framework

38:40 Contact Shannon


Shannon’s website: https://www.villalbalawfirm.com
Shannon’s gift: https://calendly.com/shannonvillalba/intuitive-business-design-coaching
HeartSong Chakra Framework: https://www.villalbalawfirm.com/pl/2147569092

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shannonmvillalba
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shannon.villalba