10 ways hiring a boutique agency will benefit your brand

10 ways hiring a boutique agency will benefit your brand

In a world of online freelancers and low cost options, it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of piecemeal and do-it-yourself projects to build brand collateral.
But is it worth it?
Over time, your branding and marketing becomes misaligned and difficult to manage. Here are 10 ways hiring a boutique agency is a beneficial alternative.

1. Affordability

Enjoy a personalized team of experts, interacting and co-ordinating efforts to move your project forward. Boutique agencies have lower overheads than large firms. Those savings get passed on to you.

2. No more explaining…and re-explaining

Work with familiar faces who already know your branding inside out. Say goodbye to the days of one-off projects with random specialists stepping in.

3. Planned content and strategy

End random marketing “stabs in the dark” and “seeing what sticks”. When an agency can envision the big picture, more gets produced with greater efficiency.

4. Limited client intake

Boutique agencies focus on doing a better job with fewer clients. You’ll receive a higher level of personalized service and concentrated excellence.

5. Team invested in your wins

Solo entrepreneurs and small business owners understand how lonely it can be in the trenches. Gain confidence and momentum with a team at your back.

6. Consistent message

Marketing only works when there’s a common style and brand story. Each expert in a boutique agency is involved in the over-arching strategy from positioning to execution for a seamless result.

7. Access to the right people

Get direct access to your point person, but feel confident knowing that almost anyone in a boutique agency will be familiar with your project first hand.

8. No separation

Boutique agencies don’t have multiple divisions and managerial layers. No separation means no miscommunication. Everyone attends the same meetings.

9. Tech-savvy recommendations

Benefit from people who know technology. They’ll suggest what works best for your business and systems.

10. Adapability

Boutique agencies are eager to innovate so they can always offer clients the latest services and strategies.

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Nikki Takahashi

Nikki Takahashi is a brand designer and strategist who has helped over 300 entrepreneurs embrace and amplify what makes them unique. Nikki is founder and CEO of Fetching Finn Inc. and host of Square Peg Entrepreneur, a podcast featuring industry disruptors and mavericks in business.