5 reasons to rebrand your business

Before you decide it’s time to close up shop on a business that’s under-performing, consider the reasons to rebrand.

As a rule, even big businesses rebrand every seven to ten years. That could mean tweaking a logo to make it more modern or simplified. It could mean refocusing the entire direction of the business to appeal to a new clientele.

If you’re at that critical point and almost ready to shut the doors, investing in a rebrand could be the first step to solving your frustrations. There are a number of reasons why you might not be connecting with your customer and converting sales. Here are five of those reasons and how a brand designer could help give your business a new lease on life.

The branding and collateral doesn’t capture who you are

You’re embarrassed to pass out your business card. You spend a lot of time explaining why your website isn’t quite right. As your brand’s number one ambassador, feeling pride and excitement in the business you’re representing should be your first priority.

You’ve pigeonholed yourself

It’s possible that you defined your brand’s niche so tightly that you didn’t leave any wiggle room for expansion or market changes. Remember Blockbuster Video? Or, maybe your brand name, alone, no longer represents your vision. Rebranding could correct your positioning.

Your business is changing or the market has shifted

You’re keeping an eye on what your target market needs. To stay relevant and competitive, your service offering is adjusting to suit. A rebrand could make your business more current and visible to your ideal customers.

Your brand has become too complicated

In tougher economic times, some businesses survive by using the “we’re everything to everyone” approach. Maybe you’ve cut prices, expanded your services, or were desperate to take any customers willing to pay. Short-term survival tactics can confuse your brand and make the long-term strategy ineffective.

There’s a misconception about your brand that is unappealing and restrictive

In some cases, a past with bad publicity or an unfortunate turn of events could be affecting your brand’s reputation and ability to do business. This tactic can feel ethically questionable, but rebranding might mean a fresh start.


Done-For-You, 24 Hour Rebrand

Do you have one last kick-at-the-can in you?

At this point, you may have exhausted yourself weighing all of the pros and cons for shutting down your business. If one of these reasons for rebranding struck a chord and there’s a piece of you that still feels a flicker of entrepreneurial fire, we have a fast and professional way to get you back on track. Our One Night Brand™ could literally change your world overnight! One small investment could prevent a lifetime of regret. Many times, the problem isn’t the business, but how it’s packaged and presented. Contact us for some instant relief.

Nikki Takahashi

Nikki Takahashi is a brand designer and strategist who has helped over 300 entrepreneurs embrace and amplify what makes them unique. Nikki is founder and CEO of Fetching Finn Inc. and host of Square Peg Entrepreneur, a podcast featuring industry disruptors and mavericks in business.