Content Writing and Marketing plus your new Brand Stewards

Content Writing + Marketing

I’ve always been hesitant to offer content writing and marketing to you because I don’t want to ever do anything half-assed. Marketing has always felt a little woo-woo to me; something I could never wrap my head around. A crap shoot. But the stresses of organizing a separate copywriter and marketer, adding to the budgets, and meshing timelines has always been hell. Worse, clients may decide to tackle those pieces themselves and then realize too late how big of a job it is. Schedules get pushed back. Other client projects are delayed. It’s a colossal mess.

Last year, I picked up an audio book called Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out. It completely changed the way I understand brand messaging. It was the first time in my 20 year career that marketing made sense and felt easy.

Ever the skeptic, I listened to the audio book five or six times and started experimenting with their process. I made a few changes to the Fetching Finn home page and social media posts. Then – I kid you not – in the first month, we tripled our revenue. It was shocking. A bit scary, if I’m being honest.

I’ve taken the past year to dive deeper into the StoryBrand system, which is far more intensive than what’s in the book. I’m working directly with Donald Miller and his team in Nashville and I’m so proud to announce I’ll soon be an official, certified StoryBrand Guide. That’s a big hairy deal because there are only 10 other people in Canada right now who can offer this service! It’s not your mama’s dusty marketing tactics. It’s not fluffy and verbose wording. This is a fresh, current, relevant way of communicating for your business in the real world. For today. And it works.

We’ll be taking Content Writing + Marketing clients in April so if you’re starting a new business, considering a re-brand, or just wondering how to make your message have more impact, this is the time. We’ll re-examine your current content and create a complete, refined framework to guide all of your marketing materials. You’ll never be stuck for how to word your offer or lost on what say in a social media post. In the meantime, check out the StoryBrand book and you’ll see why I’m so freaking excited about this!!

Brand Stewards: your new Virtual Assistants

Many of you have asked me about hiring a virtual assistant or you already have a VA. This is great news! It means our businesses are growing! A virtual assistant can help with all of those administrative, repetitive, or maintenance tasks that you have piling up on your business to-do list.

I’ve been referring you to VAs or virtual assistant services but the problem I’ve noticed is that once clients have a VA in place, they still need to train them. If a client doesn’t know how to update their website or plan a social media campaign themselves, how are they going to teach it? Plus, you can ask someone to write a blog post or create an ad, but if they don’t have access to your brand elements, fonts, colors, and files or they can’t replicate your brand personality, it’s probably not serving you well.

We’re now offering Brand Stewards through Fetching Finn. These specialized virtual assistants will be hand-picked for the tasks I see you needing the most. Best of all, they will be fully trained in your brand style with complete access to Fetching Finn’s files, programs, your past projects, and…to me! Your new Brand Steward will be able to complete very basic design tasks, edit documents, post blogs or upload videos, do research, set up email marketing campaigns, transcribe podcasts…I know – you’re suddenly feeling a little drunk with relief! It’s all the little stuff that you probably always wanted my help with, but didn’t want to pay me to do! The rate is very competitive so you can easily plan 5, 10, 15 hours or more per month of Brand Steward assistance. But like I said, these are super-powered VAs that come trained in your brand and business with access to everything at Fetching Finn. No struggles to teach someone from scratch.

If either of these piqued your interest, let’s set you up for the next intake.

Nikki Takahashi

Nikki is the owner, Brand Designer + Stylist at Fetching Finn. She turned her freelance work into a full-time gig way back in 2009. She runs on minimal sleep, maximum amounts of ambition, solid genes, and a lot of Diet Pepsi.

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