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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Fetching Finn and our design services.

Do you offer custom packages of digital media services?

Over the years, we’ve seen and navigated almost every type of design scenario and budget. There are costly consequences of cutting corners, patching together tech solutions, using multiple designers to save a buck, and not planning ahead. That’s not our kind of fun.

We will customize a package of branding, graphic design, web design, and video services for you – but only if the components are done the right way and it’s done completely. We treat your business to the same quality and standards that we treat our own. Our packages are investments in fully-branded and robust solutions. Experience tells us that clients don’t always know the pieces they need and can’t visualize how to grow into the next stages, so why expect them to choose correctly from a menu of options?

Did we just answer that question with a question? Twice? How badass.


Can I just get your services a la carte?

If you are already a Fetching Finn client, absolutely! Once we’ve worked with you, it’s easy to continue your visual brand presence across all kinds of platforms and pieces. Unfortunately, we don’t take on clients for piecemeal projects without having helped them define and elevate their brand style, first. Every designer’s vision is different, so it’s a disservice to you to have multiple creative influences attempting to relay a cohesive brand style.


How long does the process take?

Packages generally take between three to six weeks to complete.  In the past, most time is lost when we don’t receive content or replies from our clients at critical moments in the process. While we do allow some wiggle room (because life doesn’t always happen as planned), we’ll hold you to the schedule in order to provide the dedicated and focused attention you deserve. This also allows us to respect the time that other clients have reserved before and after your time block.


Won’t I lose customers by updating my logo design?

Let’s be real about this and remove the romanticism. As entrepreneurs, we become unusually invested in our logo design. We use it daily and stamp it everywhere with the assumption that our audience lingers over it as long as we do. Yes, there is brand recognition that comes with a logo design, but if you’re still in business “all these many years” after you created it, a logo is not the reason people use your services.

Think hard about the reasons why you are updating and rebranding. Then ask yourself, “Is this current logo design truly something I am proud to promote? Does it speak directly to my updated brand style, services, and ideal audience?”

There are some really strong reasons why you should rebrand with a new logo design. A fresh look designed on point with your brand will attract eyes and curiosity. Leverage that opportunity to communicate! Think that a new logo design will be confusing or off-putting? Consider how you perceive a business that isn’t willing to update with the times or acknowledge their evolving customer base.


Are the original design files included in the price?

Visit an upscale restaurant and order the chef’s signature dish. You don’t go home with a full belly plus a recipe and bag of ingredients to make that dish on your own. You’re paying for a unique, fully-prepared meal and an experience perfected through years of training. When you purchase a service from Fetching Finn, you will receive a custom, high quality product that is ready for promotion or printing. The files, software, and processes (and sweat, tears, and long hours) to achieve that result are not included.


Will I be able to update my own website?

Yes! We custom design sites, which are user-friendly and quite easy to make content changes to. We will provide you with a personal tutorial and video instructions on how to do your own modifications. If this isn’t your cup of tea and you’d rather hand off updates and maintenance to us, we can do that, too! See our Support Solutions for options. (The Standard solution is the best value and includes an hour of design time each month to keep your visual presence fresh and current.)


Do you design mobile websites?

We create responsive websites, which are sites that morph to perfectly fit a tablet or mobile phone display. If you compare this Fetching Finn website on a monitor and cell phone, you’ll see how the same content shifts to allow for an optimal user experience. This is one website that adjusts to a variety of sizes, which means you no longer have to develop or maintain multiple sites to be mobile-friendly and compliant.


Do you offer content writing and marketing services?

Just as Fetching Finn isn’t the design solution for everyone, content writing and marketing specialists need to feel like the right fit, too. After getting to know you and your style, we can recommend experts in these fields who will be excellent matches for your needs and personality. These pieces can be critical for success, so don’t be quick to overlook the value of composing a posse of experts to guide you to getting it right!

Still have questions?

Please pop into the online chat, leave a comment below, or contact us for more information.

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