Become a Recession Rebel

Become a Recession Rebel – Updated

Celebrate your business, even in an economic slump.

Can you believe what you’ve accomplished? You’re an entrepreneur in some of our country’s toughest economic times. You’re waking up daily with a fire in your belly and the guts to keep reaching, despite the negativity and naysayers. You’re winning at this thing called life. It’s about time we celebrated!

Years in Business Badges

Become a Recession RebelOwning and running a business is a big deal. Statistics show that most small businesses won’t survive more than five years. I remember reaching that five year mark and breathing a huge sigh of relief. The inhale-exhale lasted about 30 seconds and was more of a private “don’t jinx me” moment than a public fiesta. How crazy is that?! It’s like refusing to throw a birthday party for your favorite child!

We’ve designed a complete collection of numbered badges for you to download, share, and use any way you’d like.

In the spirit of achievement, there’s no reason to wait for a milestone date to celebrate. Whether it’s your 1st or your 25th, you’ve earned these years! Be proud. Post the graphics and pass them along. Share some positive energy and be ready to receive those pats on the back that are likely long overdue.

Instant Download

Become a Recession Rebel

Recession Rebel Badge

Fed up with the negative recession chatter?

You’re a Recession Rebel. A slump slayer. Heck, you’re doggone downturn defiant!

NEW updated artwork, good for any recession year.

Instant Download

“How do I use these things?”

1. Download the badge packages and unzip the contents.
2. Choose from light and dark versions in two different sizes under each collection. Go nuts!
3. Still confused? Sign up below for our Resource Library to get easy editing software recommendations.
4. Feel like cussing? Contact Fetching Finn – we’ll help while you pour yourself some wine.
5. Leave a comment below with links so others can marvel at your accomplishments. Hell, yeah!!

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Nikki Takahashi

Nikki is the owner, Brand Designer + Stylist at Fetching Finn. She turned her freelance work into a full-time gig way back in 2009. She runs on minimal sleep, maximum amounts of ambition, solid genes, and a lot of Diet Pepsi.

  • Carrie Paxson

    January 27, 2016at9:09 PM Reply

    Love this! I saw Dana Goldstein’s and immediately made my own. What a positive campaign! < Love what you are doing!

    • Nikki Takahashi

      January 27, 2016at9:23 PM Reply

      Thank you, Carrie!! It’s been such a fun day just sharing good vibes and easy reminders of our successes. How quickly we forget how fabulous we actually are! Enjoy your graphics and please keep sharing it.

  • Joan @ mADD world

    February 3, 2016at12:58 PM Reply

    I love these badges! Saw when Stephanie Pollock shared and had to get my own even though I haven’t been in business more than a few months! LOL I guess that makes me a Recession Rebel! Thanks for these

    • Nikki Takahashi

      February 3, 2016at4:50 PM Reply

      You are THE Recession Rebel, Joan! Good for you!! Thanks for commenting and grabbing some badges. Wishing you years of success.

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