Graphic Design

Logo Design and so much more

Knock-out graphic design is essential to a professional visual identity. What a skilled designer creates isn’t just based on program steps learned in a classroom. There’s a huge amount of unsung intuition and innate precision that takes a design from “meh” to “OMG! OMG! OMG!” (to use the most evolved terms).

That’s why there’s a difference between a logo someone slaps together in Word and one that emerges from a full brand discovery with expert styling. Both might be technically “logos”, but one is crafted in proper color and file formats and backed by a brand message that comes to life through detailed tones, lines, and spacing. The other is likely made with random fonts, shapes, and stolen clip art. Which one do you want representing your brand?

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Endless ideas to support your brand

Once a brand’s visual identity is secured, we have a formal color palette, font series, and even photography style set to really create a cohesive brand message. Your Graphic Designer will be the go-to person to provide any image files and layouts to custom fit all print, website, or video specifications. They’re your consistency ninja, ensuring your visuals are aligned and looking perfect across all platforms. Watch in awe as they produce pieces such as:

  • business cards and stationary
  • social media cover art
  • postcards, brochures, and fliers
  • media kits
  • advertisements
  • PowerPoint slides
  • newsletter layouts
  • book covers
  • gift cards
  • packaging, hang tags, and labels
  • signage and posters
  • menus
  • billboards
  • vehicle decals
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