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Obsessive Joy Disorder with Leona deVinne

Episode 003

Leona deVinne has OJD: Obsessive Joy Disorder. She’s a serial entrepreneur obsessed with helping people find more joy in their life, in leadership, and in business. After receiving life-altering medical news, Leona discovered an opportunity and personal mission by summoning joy in unexpected places. She lives by the motto, “Life’s a gift. Use it well.”

Leona is a coach, consultant, facilitator, speaker, and author. She owns and operates three businesses plus a non-profit – all built on a foundation of joy.



01:20 Leona’s Journey

04:00 Finding your Joy Spot

04:41 The Challenges

08:07 Cheerines/Happiness Set Point

09:47 People Connection

10:38 Joy Socks

17:14 How we Met

18:27 Branding Joy Socks

22:02 Being Weird

25:30 Authenticity on Social Medias

29:56 Takeaways

32:21 Get in Touch with Leona


Buy the book, Finding Your Joy Spot: https://leonadevinne.com/findingyourjoyspot

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