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Own your brand as an ambitious introvert with Mahlena-Rae Johnson

Episode 009

Speaker, comedian, and four-time author Mahlena-Rae Johnson is a networking expert for introverts at her company Mahlena Speaks. Mahlena honed her relationship-building skills while earning her MBA at the University of Southern California. She later translated her quiet savvy for connecting with like-minded individuals into expanding her media empire from the US to Canada. On her weekly Instagram show How to Network in Your Pajamas, Mahlena teaches her audience of shy yet ambitious professionals how to meet new people from the comfort of their homes.

An Américaine living her best life in the suburbs of Toronto, Mahlena has been featured on BusinessBecause, CBC Kids, The Great Canadian Woman Podcast, The New to Canada Podcast, and more. She has a passion for writing and speaking about professional development topics including personal branding, social media storytelling, building a new network for immigrants and expats, and writing a ten-second elevator pitch.



00:42 Meet Mahlena

02:22 Film School

05:21 Being a Comedian

06:59 Business School

08:06 Stand up Comedy

09:21 Being an Introvert 

11:31 Networking on Pajamas

14:28 Definition of Introverts

21:17 Introverts and Networking

24:19 Shake up your Life!

27:20 Personal Branding

33:12 Networking on Pajamas 

37:15 Goals for Business 

41:33 Get in Touch with Mahlena


Mahlena-Rae’s website: http://bit.ly/mahlenaspeaks
Mahlena’s free guide for ambitious introverts, How to Network in Your Pajamas: http://bit.ly/getmahlenashowtonetworkguide

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mahlenasguidetolife
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mahlena