Joy Socks

From the moment I heard the Joy Socks story, I knew I wanted to help.

Leona deVinne began Joy Socks in 2015 when her 18 year old son had surgery to remove a dangerously located brain tumour.

“I wore Joy Socks to the hospital everyday, ” she says. “Patients and staff commented on them saying they wished that they had a pair. That sparked something. Within a month, the Joy Sock Movement was born and we were distributing colourful socks to Ronald McDonald Houses across the province. We then started delivering Joy Socks to hospitals, shelters, and various other charities. We’ve given away thousands since.”

In order to help grow and support the Joy Socks brand, Fetching Finn stepped in and gifted Joy Socks a full logo re-design, website design, social media cover art, and video production package. With these basic pieces in place, Leona would be well equipped to present her organization on a global level.

Creating this re-branded package for Leona and the Joy Socks team was an absolute pleasure. I still get love notes about how much joy they find in their new logo design and how professional their online presence feels. As a brand designer, that’s how I know we’ve hit a home run.


Joy Socks


Joy Socks is a value-driven organization based on six consistent principles:

• stay connected
• spread joy
• live with integrity
• have the largest impact with the greatest ease
• be playful and a little bit goofy
• operate with trust and transparency

Leona’s genuine warmth, her hug-ability, and her generous nature immediately made an impact on how I felt this brand story would unfold. The existing brand pieces were designed using a rainbow gradient palette with whimsical lettering. The re-brand needed to stay true to this theme – not a complete departure.

Logo Design

With comfort and warmth in mind, a first version of a logo concept was presented. The client thought the knit pattern was clever, but the overall design didn’t feel quite right. She was less about “knit” and more about randomly positioned and shaped polka dots. Like…a LOT of dots!

Then, she shared the magical styling description of what she envisioned: “It’s Dr. Seuss at the disco.” Everything clicked. The decision was made to abandon the rainbow gradient and embrace a polka dot explosion with a curly font. The resulting logo was met with a text message and email flurry of hearts, kisses, and happy “bleeps” (just as we like it)!

Joy Socks

Website Design

Prior to this project, Joy Socks was a one-page feature on Leona’s business coaching website. Our job was to create an entire online presence in the Joy Socks brand; something that could be shared and promoted to relay the inspiration and vision. Explaining all of the ways to contribute to Joy Socks was a major focus. A complete FAQ page would help lighten their phone call and email load. With just a few tweaks, we had our client giving us more virtual smooches!

Joy Socks

Social Media Cover Art

With the website in place, we created a matching set of cover art designed to the “safe zone” guidelines for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Joy Socks

Video Production

The finishing touch was shooting, editing, and loading these short promotional videos to tell the Joy Socks story and provide online instructions on how to contribute. Leona was a natural!

Are you ready to invest in your business branding?


Nikki Takahashi

Nikki is the owner, Brand Designer + Stylist at Fetching Finn. She turned her freelance work into a full-time gig way back in 2009. She runs on minimal sleep, maximum amounts of ambition, solid genes, and a lot of Diet Pepsi.

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