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Transforming your business and life with Dana Goldstein

Episode 025

Dana Goldstein might be the master of pivot. Her business, Digital Shoebox, evolved from a photo, video and slide digitization company into a video production company she named ChicFlicks. As the business grew, ChicFlicks was absorbed into the Digital Shoebox banner and continued to thrive. And then, pandemic. When a full calendar of video shoots was wiped out, Dana was forced to find another source of income. She pivoted to writing, something she hadn’t done since her days as a journalist more than 20 years ago.

Dana believes in the power of pivoting and transforming. She says, “Accept that your true skill may not fill the bank account, but it sure does fill the heart (and keeps you well-stocked with chips for those shitty days).”



00:51 Here’s Dana
04:26 Challenges in Writing
05:04 Journalism: After University
08:01 The Pivot
12:41 Digital Shoe Box
22:54 ChicFlicks
28:42 The Pandemic
40:25 Ghostwriting
43:12 Books Published
44:40 Advice


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