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Truth in identity and intuition with Deepshikha Sairam

Episode 016

Deepshikha Sairam is a Spiritual Mentor for High Achieving Entrepreneurs helping them move from chaotic to centered by quieting their internal self-critic and connecting to their highest self-expression.

She uses a delicious mix of Spiritual Tools, Energy work and Coaching Practices to help them match their inner state to their outer reality while guiding them back to their true nature. She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, Self Magazine and the award winning Marie TV.

When not couped up in her New Jersey suburban home, you can find this mama of two boys with her nose in a psychological thriller or watching reruns of Game of Thrones like her life depended on it.



01:21 Meet Deepshikha
07:34 The Calling
11:56 New Path
14:56 Growth and Success
16:40 Spiritual Journey
19:12 Who am I?
24:50 Spirituality
25:56 Intuition
27:56 People Answering the Call
34:23 The Second Mountain
37:09 Find Deepshikha
38:50 Energy Activation


Deepshikha’s Website: https://deepshikhasairam.com
Deepshikha’s Energy Activation: https://socialiquegroupe.lpages.co/energy-activation

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deepshikhasairam
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deepshikha.sairam
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deepshikhasairam