We LOVE Referrals

Our Favorite Way to Thank You

Fetching Finn has been growing exclusively through client referrals since 2009. We’re soooo grateful! But we feel like you deserve more than a whiff of good karma and a free cup of coffee for it. Here’s how we’d like to show our gratitude.

Credit Goes Back to You

If the client you refer ends up being a perfect fit for Fetching Finn, we’ll credit your account with 5% of the price of their first project. Now, I’m a designer – not a math wizard, but that’s far better value than a free cup of coffee. Most importantly, it will help keep YOUR branding fresh, active, and inspired! Put it towards any design or support service…or keep saving credits for a brand overhaul in the future!

Who We Are and What We Do

We hear that even our clients don’t really understand everything we do! Yep, that’s a problem when you’re trying to refer us. To make it easy, here’s a PDF to save, email, or print. We’ve described our skills, philosophy, and even identified the type of client that we do our best work for.