Website performance test for speed

Website performance testWebsite performance and load time is important for site conversions, search engine optimization, and effective online service.

We took a quick website performance test and compared the results before and after adding in a top-rated caching plugin. Here is how Fetching Finn’s website fared and how you can easily improve your website performance, too.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Go to and simply type in your URL. Click Start Test and a results summary will appear. For this purpose, you are mainly concerned with the load time.

The result for our home page was 2.59 seconds. Since home pages are generally heavier with images, you’ll want to run the test on a number of pages within your website, too.


Website performance test

Caching Plugin for Web Performance

Caching stores your website’s pages, images, files and Web objects on a user’s computer memory when they visit your site. This means a browser doesn’t have to repeatedly retrieve information that was already accessed, cutting down on load times. A caching plugin does this for files and scripts used in your WordPress website.

There are a number of Premium and free caching plugins on the market for WordPress. Our research kept pointing to WP Rocket as the stand-out favorite. WP Rocket is a paid-for plugin, but its rave reviews, customer support, and easy install features seem worth the investment. The plugin activated immediately upon installation – no customization required. There are extensive setting options to explore for the techies out there and specifics to keep in mind for users with e-commerce sites, for example. Our installation upon activation and without any changes to settings produced a significant improvement in our website performance test. From purchase to activation, it took less than 2 minutes. The out-of-the-box configuration cut the website loading to almost 1/3 of the time!


Website performance test

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