Website Design

Premium WordPress Websites

Fetching Finn customizes WordPress websites styled with only Premium themes and plugins by elite developers. We want you to have a long and robust relationship with your new website. As with all matters of the promotional heart, there’s the patched-together freebie way of doing things (and a hundred variations of it that cost time and sanity). Then, there’s the proper 5-star route that won’t leave you with regrets the morning after. Since you’re a serious business making a solid investment, let’s stick with the latter.

Alright, how do we get started?

After we get to know your business and goals, we’ll then need to collect all the content and other important information regarding the build from you. We know it can seem like a lot to look at, which is why will give you access to our project management software that outlines what we need (we really do have your sanity top of mind). 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’ll need from you:

• all text content in digital form (no Crayon scribbles on napkins please)

• all images in high-resolution files, copyright-free

• URLs linking to all of your social media pages/profiles

• access to existing domain names and hosting accounts

• access to any current email marketing platform (if applicable and already set up)

By getting us this stuff at the very beginning, we are able to provide you with an absolutely riveting experience. Which is kind of what we’re known for. No big deal. Oh, and we can also deliver your new website on schedule and as planned.

Website Design

Benefits of our website design service

With a quick Google search, you’ll quickly realize everybody and their grandma sells websites these days. This is why we’re so transparent with how we work, and what you can expect to walk away with. We don’t do this in our spare time; it’s kind of been our thing for the past eight years. Our customers’ success and satisfaction is the very core of our business model and so far, so good.

The world of website design can be a bit tricky, which is why we use techniques that will serve you and your business for years to come. We bring together experience in the worlds of business branding, website development and graphic design, put it all in a pot, add your business’ voice and a lot of creativity – and out comes your new website, ready to wow your customers.

Here are the benefits of our website design service:

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, used by some of the most famous brands

• affordable, powerful plugins and features available to perform almost any web function you can dream up

easy for clients to self-manage and update

sites are ready to expand and grow as your business does sites are self-hosted, meaning you have full ownership and control over your website and all its content

we encourage owning your own domain names and hosting your site with expert third party services so you are never bound to Fetching Finn (some agencies buy domain names on a client’s behalf or insist clients host on their servers – then clients feel like they are obligated or being “held hostage” by them)

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