WordPress Video Tutorials

Learn the basics of WordPress and how to manage and update your site in this easy video series.

24 Videos, Total Runtime: 56 minutes

At Fetching Finn, we use Premium WordPress themes as the basis of our custom design work. The dashboard of your new website may include additional editing tools, shortcodes, and plugins not fully described in these tutorials. Once you understand the basics, you will see how these user-friendly extras make running your site even easier!

Manage, Update, and Secure

Managing and updating your own site is an on-going commitment. Keep your site current with fresh content and regular software updates. Run scheduled backups and security checks to protect your website against hackers and threats. If you’d like assistance protecting and maintaining your investment, we can help with monthly Support Solutions.


 What is WordPress?  1:33
WordPress.com or WordPress.org?  2:13
Login  1:07
Exploring the Dashboard  3:59
Admin Bar  3:34
Media Library  1:16
Settings  8:19
Themes  0:56
Installing Themes  2:34
Plugins  1:36
Installing Plugins  2:05
Widgets  2:07
Creating Custom Menus  2:11
Creating Users  1:12
Posts + Pages  1:52
Creating Posts 2:47
Adding Images  3:20
Formatting Posts  2:40
Adding Links  1:15
Scheduling Posts  1:17
Comments  2:16
Creating Pages  2:22
Applying Page Templates  1:26
Categories + Tags  2:39