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It’s not just design. It’s a declaration.

So, you’ve been in business a few years and things are going…ok. You’ve been playing it safe and coasting with an image that’s average for your industry. You’ve branded yourself as the trusted banker, the reliable plumber, the general assistant – because offering what’s expected seemed like the easiest way to make money. After all, it’s better to have everyone as your target market than to accidentally exclude a potential client. Right?

But do you ever notice that you’re a bit embarrassed to hand out your business card? Reluctant to show off your website? Is your 30-second elevator pitch really an awkward ramble of nothing spectacular? Do you have clients that aren’t quite a fit and squeeze your patience like a pair of Spanx on a scorching summer day?

You’re ready to get clear, stand out, and change the game.

That’s where we step in.

Beyond Branding

Graphic Design, Website Design, Video, and Support

Fetching Finn is a Digital Media company addicted to creating visual “Oh, my gawd – I love it!” moments. We’ll guide and advise you through the services: graphic design, website design, and video. And when your visual brand package is ready to launch, you won’t be alone. Our team will stand by to support your branding with ongoing services…just like the Robin to your Batman.

Web Design in Calgary, AB

Changing the creative game, for good.

• The best websites are inspired by a vision and built to change the game through collaboration with an awesome web designer

• We refuse average and our high quality services surprise clients with a new perspective on what site design can be

• We are a premier agency dedicated to offering the most professional digital design and expert branding service in the city

• Our exceptionally high standards to deliver dashing projects is unmatched by other top agencies and professionals

Your website is the online portal to your business. It’s what people see first – and it should make the right statement. Fetching Finn’s innovative approach can be your business’ secret weapon when it comes to standing out in the great competitive landscape.

When it comes to YOUR brand, the last thing you want are web designers that don’t “get it”. Whether it’s website design, graphics design, video or support, we’ll get to know your brand, vision and needs and then take it from there. If you need designers, or a helping hand to really pull your existing image together, we’re the company for you.

Backing up your high quality service with our forward thinking creativity, your brand will be poppin’ in no time.

Branding Agency in Calgary, AB

The creative agency you’re looking for

• Calgary Branding Experts – we’re here to help you turn your message loose on the world

• Small business branding is an art, and we’re the professional artists ready to paint your business’s picture

• With a bold brand, inbound marketing is a cinch

• Delivering high value service is kind of what we do – let’s get this going and turn it into a smashing success for your company

When it comes to working with a creative agency, you need a forward thinking group that is plugged into new ideas and not afraid to push the boundaries of what is just acceptable, and what is exceptional.

Fetching Finn refuses the  average. We believe surprising our clients with expertly executed creative while keeping an eye for the next big thing is a standard every business deserves. At the end of the day – average just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to moving the needle for your business or next project.

By working with a creative agency that refuses everything average and stays plugged-in to new ideas and trends, you’re putting your online presence in the hands of pros. Pros that care about your success. Pros that know the connection between branding, marketing, advertising, and overall business success.

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