Calgary Creative Agency

It’s not just design. It’s a declaration.

So, you’ve been in business a few years and things are going…ok. You’ve been playing it safe and coasting with an image that’s average for your industry. You’ve branded yourself as the trusted banker, the reliable plumber, the general assistant – because offering what’s expected seemed like the easiest way to make money. After all, it’s better to have everyone as your target market than to accidentally exclude a potential client. Right?

But do you ever notice that you’re a bit embarrassed to hand out your business card? Reluctant to show off your website? Is your 30-second elevator pitch really an awkward ramble of nothing spectacular? Do you have clients that aren’t quite a fit and squeeze your patience like a pair of Spanx on a scorching summer day?

You’re ready to get clear, stand out, and change the game.

That’s where we step in.

Beyond Branding

Graphic Design, Website Design, Video, and Support

Fetching Finn is a Digital Media company addicted to creating visual “Oh, my gawd – I love it!” moments. We’ll guide and advise you through the services: graphic design, web design, and video. And when your visual brand package is ready to launch, you won’t be alone. Our team will stand by to support your branding with ongoing services…just like the Robin to your Batman.

Featured Brand Design Projects