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Business Shouldn’t be a Passion-Suck

There’s a huge gap between having a great idea and running a business.
Many entrepreneurs underestimate what it takes for a business to simply survive. Don’t let the overwhelm of branding and marketing tasks keep you from doing the work you love.
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Done For You Branding + Marketing

Brand Design and Strategy that looks great…and converts!

DONE FOR YOU Branding + Marketing


Smart entrepreneurs know their time is precious, so why waste it playing the DIY game? If design ain’t in your wheelhouse, please put down the tape and scissors.


If time is money, calculate what three, hair-pulling months building a mediocre “free” website just cost you. Add in the time and price to re-do it. Not so $0, right?


There’s no such thing as two chances at a first impression. Want high-end sales? Look high-end. If you’re not willing to invest in your brand, why should your customers?

StoryBrand Certified Guide
Business Made Simple Coach

We’re really good at the stuff that’s holding you back.

• Over 300 successful branding and marketing clients
• Over 20 years in Digital Media Design, formal training and diploma
StoryBrand Certified Guide – authorized content and marketing expert
Business Made Simple Coach – everything you need to grow a business

Plus, we’re entrepreneurs, too.

We know what it’s like in the trenches. We understand the hard work it takes to run a business, but we also know the bliss of well-executed success. Let’s get you there.


Invest once in a proven system to give your business the best chance at success.

Goodbye DIY. No more patchy solutions or guessing games. As a new client, we’ll set you up with a solid foundation of messaging and marketing components to build your business. Complete the starter process in multiple Phases or go all-in at once — you decide!

Phase 1

$2500 CAD
  • Prepared Brand Story Scripts
  • Custom Messaging Guide
Satisfaction Guarantee

Phase 1 + 2

$8500 CAD
  • Prepared Brand Story Scripts
  • Custom Messaging Guide
  • Logo Design Package
  • Marketing Collateral Package
  • Website Landing Page
  • SEO Audit + Review

+ Brand Steward option

+ Website Upkeep option

Phase 1 + 2 + 3

from $20,500 CAD
Full Sales Funnel
Launch Like a Pro!
  • Prepared Brand Story Scripts
  • Custom Messaging Guide
  • Logo Design Package
  • Marketing Collateral Package
  • Website Design Package (3+ pages)
  • SEO Audit + Review
  • Lead Generating Asset
  • Email Campaign + Sales Letter

+ Brand Steward option

+ Website Upkeep option

Let’s Get It

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2. Outline Your Goals

Tell us where you want to be. Our tailored proposal will get you there.

3. We Take Action

We’ll be hard at work behind the scenes so you can focus on doing what you love.

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Nikki Takahashi BMS Coach
Nikki Takahashi, Designer + Strategist


Not quite ready to invest in Done For You services? No problem.

Get the Right Tools to Do it Yourself

As a Business Made Simple Certified Coach, I’m happy to offer access to all the resources I use with our DONE FOR YOU Branding + Marketing clients for only $275 USD.

Feel confident knowing your DIY efforts are providing the fundamentals to promote your products, win more deals for your business, and be more productive.

Every Entrepreneur Deserves
the Best Chance at Success

We know you want to get back to doing the important work that you love. It’s the reason you started your business: to make life better for you and your customers. In order to do that, you need professional branding and marketing that is DONE FOR YOU; a team to not only design and describe your brand, but to plan the promotions and put them into action.

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Get back to the work you love.™

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“…the Fetching Finn team intuitively understands what is needed and consistently delivers, exceeding my expectations. They make it EASY, which in turn saves time and energy.

Trudy Pelletier – Facilitator, Coach, Speaker, Author

“…tremendously organized, very involved, and offers valuable feedback on every topic related to branding and design. Sometimes you just have to let go and trust the talent and the expertise of a professional.

Andrea Dean – Fitness Instructor, Entrepreneur