Nikki Stasiuk

Brand Designer + Strategist

Nikki Stasiuk is a Brand Designer + Strategist who has helped over 300 entrepreneurs embrace and amplify what makes them unique. She is a certified You Are the Brand expert and a former Story Brand Certified Guide. Nikki also hosts Square Peg Entrepreneur, a podcast featuring industry disruptors and mavericks in business.

Nikki’s graphic and website design achievements earned her a Governor General’s Medal and the position of spokesperson for Tech 2000. With over 25 years in digital media, she has been featured in marketing articles and on podcasts such as Dissecting Success and Fearless and Successful. Her keynotes on brand design and strategy have reached audiences around the globe.

Nikki’s an avid traveler who has spent over a quarter century mastering and teaching the art of karate. Her most recent adventures include marrying her Grade One crush and becoming a stepmom of six. When there’s a spare moment, you’ll find Nikki honing her interior decorating and painting passions. She resides in Alberta, Canada.

In the Media

“I had the honour of listening to your talk at MamaCon. I was in tears for the first 10 mins – you’re such a genius story teller!”

“Your talk was so so so inspiring. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your story with us.”

“I loved your talk today…especially because I’m a copywriter who helps women entrepreneurs [turn] stories into words that feel authentic and true to them…so I could relate. Plus you made me cry…and I was wearing mascara…”

“I was deeply touched by your talk yesterday. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and being so open with us. 100% inspired!”