About Us

We’re not the design company for everyone

We’re confident that professional visual branding is the secret sauce to elevating a business. It’s first impressions. It’s having pride in what you’re promoting. It’s showing up in a way that 100% represents you.

We were tired of watching businesses suffer as the owner tried saving a buck with do-it-yourself solutions. (If you’re not a designer, that DIY stuff just sucks your time and suffocates your reputation.)

Fetching Finn’s services make us a go-to company for all things brand related: online, in video, and in print. We’re not the cheapest, but we offer a helluva lot of value.

Design styles, personalities, and priorities need to align in order for our business relationship to feel really right. No apology required. Having said that, if you love Mad Men and frozen yogurt, we’re halfway there.

We could be a fit if…

•  you feel reluctant to promote yourself or embarrassed to give out your business card and website address

•  you’re over the allure of do-it-yourself branding and tired of hiring random help for print or web projects

•  you know exactly what you do, who you serve, and how you do it differently

•  “Oh, my gawd – I love it!” moments are kind of your thing

•  having a sort-of-in-house Digital Media Department that doesn’t take up an inch of office space sounds pretty perfect

Our Values

1.  Set and Expect High Standards
2.  Be Observant and Curious
3.  Respect People’s Time
4.  Change the Game
5.  Offer New Perspectives

6.  Express Your Weird Self
7.  Do the Right Thing
8.  Give Generously
9.  Be Transparent and Honest
10. Consider the Bigger Picture

It’s our duty to stay fresh and inspired.

Nobody wants a stale designer. Each client is unique and we can reflect that best when we are bursting at the seams with new ideas. Fueled by non-conformity, we like to infuse our work with an amplified energy and enriched, unconventional perspective.

There’s no such thing as ‘business hours’.

Such is the life of self-employed artsy types: when we’re feeling inspired, it’s time to work. If you wake up at 3am with a burning question about your project, feel free to email or text. Don’t be spooked if we reply. (But if our spouses or parents ask, we operate M-F, 9am-5pm.)

Be real, engage, and just have FUN.

Some design companies are all buttoned-up. Clearly, that’s not us.