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Being Messy and Successy with Tessa Hull

Episode 006

Tessa Hull is a Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer and partnerships strategist working with online business owners to develop partnerships and connections that get more eyes on their business and more money in their pocket. She has been a part of the strategy behind the scenes of 6- and 7-figure affiliate launches with online business owners like Selena Soo, Lisa Johnson, Katrina Ruth and Suzanne Dibble.

Tessa runs her own business, Messy and Successy, where she develops others with a mix of mindset and strategy. She is a straight-talking, no-nonsense kinda gal with more than ten years in sales and managerial roles. She uses her platform to bring mental health to the forefront, acknowledging her own struggles and experiences.

Based in Sicily, she stays for the cheese and good coffee but occasionally returns to her hometown of Manchester in the UK, where she stays for the cheese and good tea.



01:16 Meet Tess

05:02 Starting Out

09:11 Personal Development

11:17 Coaching as a Career

17:31 Being yourself in any Business

23:00 Getting Stuck in the Pandemic

30:00 Talking about Mental Health

37:03 Coaching Specialty

41:10 Connecting People

42:45 Get connected with Tessa


Tessa’s website: https://www.messyandsuccessy.com/
Tessa’s gift: https://www.messyandsuccessy.com/connections

Instagram: http://instagram.com/messyandsuccessy
Facebook: http://fb.com/messyandsuccessy