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How to never fear sales again with Samantha Bove

Episode 020

Samantha Bove is the founder of ZenBoss Academy, an award-winning business school, where she passionately teaches healers, coaches and creatives to launch a profitable, purposeful business.

Samantha’s clients have been able to generate six figures in their businesses, sell out high ticket retreats, quit their 9-5s and turn their expertise into a profitable digital course.

Samantha is also a spiritual teacher and reiki practitioner, specializing in helping people strengthen their intuition and move from fear and indecision to confidence and deep self love. By helping them tune into the wisdom of their body and highest self, her clients have been able to manifest new careers, revenue streams, relationships and relocate to their dream destinations.

Samantha’s expertise has been featured in Forbes, Medium and Thrive Global. She enjoys speaking on the topics of using intuition in business, entrepreneurship and how to sell with integrity.


00:57  Doing Business that Didn’t Feel Right
03:20 Coaching and Connection
05:23 Women Struggle with Sales
08:52 Being Brave and Daring
12:44 Coaching Journey
16:13 Reiki 
19:38 Early Stages of Business
23:37 Reiki and Leaders
28:16 ZenBoss Academy
31:20 Connect with Samantha


Samantha’s Website: https://www.samanthabove.com
Turn Followers into Clients Guide: https://www.samanthabove.com/turn-followers-into-clients-guide
To turn your followers into paying clients, you have to be seen as an expert authority figure in your industry. I’ll walk you through the 4 steps (plus a bonus tip) that will have you booking sales calls and enrolling clients into your programs in no time!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samantha.bove
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zenbossacademy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theabundantceo