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Make money doing what you love with Sarah Kirkpatrick

Episode 023

Sarah Kirkpatrick owned a successful digital marketing business for 9 years. She closed it down last year at its peak – making 6 figures – to completely change her career and start a new business from scratch in order to find her joy again. Instead of finding a new path, she created one. She open a new consignment decor store in August – something new in Calgary. She is also a home stager and interior decorator.

When Sarah lost her mom 5 years ago, life changed. Her mom was her best friend, biggest supporter, and business coach. When she passed away, Sarah found it nearly impossible to replace her – until she looked inside.

Sarah wants to inspire women to not let fear stop them from making a drastic career change. She encourages women to find new niches and new ways to create a career that feeds their soul’s purpose and brings them joy.



01:10 Here’s Sarah
02:21 Burnout 
03:57 Good for the Soul Transition
05:7 Interior Design Experience
07:25 AirBnB Design
08:19 Retail Locations
12:26 Good Consignment Item
13:50 Design Lab
15:40 Planning Things
17:09 Looking for a Change?
21:26 Check out Sarah’s Shop and Services


Sarah’s Website: https://unshelfdesign.com
Sarah’s Pricing and Budgeting Sheets: https://unshelfdesign.com/design/pricinglist
Sarah’s AirBnB Checklist: https://unshelfdesign.com/airbnbchecklist

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unshelf.design
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unshelf.design
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ca/unshelfdesign