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Paint your next-level success with Haley Hoover

Episode 010

As an international Success Coach + Intuitive Artist, Haley Hoover helps coaches and entrepreneurs break through their next level of success with ease. Through her Intuitive Business™ framework, she has helped dozens of women grow their online businesses and self-publish their first books with fun and flow.

An Amazon #1 New Release Author, Haley is the go-to expert for business owners who wish to deepen their innovation and expression. Haley’s expertise has been featured in PositivelyPositive, Thrive Global, Thought Catalogue, and Hypnozine among others. She has also spoken alongside Deepak Chopra and is the host of the Top 5% Globally ranked podcast, The Sparkling Hippie Podcast.

When she’s not sitting behind her psychedelic-colored laptop, she can be found watching 60’s hippie documentaries in Sonora, California, where she resides with her partner.



01:22 Meet Haley

03:34 60’s Influence

04:44 Business and Intuition

09:07 How to Follow your Intuition

12:41  How to Keep Creativity Alive

15:44 Trusting your Ideas

21:42 Tips for Aspiring Authors

27:50 Following your Creative Cycle

31:59 Intuitive Painting

35:35 What can you Expect?

37:24 Artworks by Haley

39:13 Haley’s Books

40:24 Sparkling Hippie Podcast

41:33 Free Gift from Haley


Haley’s website: https://www.thesparklinghippie.com
Haley’s free guide: https://www.thesparklinghippie.com/free-guide

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesparklinghippie
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSparklingHippie


After the show…

I met up with Haley over Zoom to have my Intuitive Art Experience™. The painting was guided by the question, “What do I need to shift to overcome my money blocks?”

We were both surprised when a tube of bright yellow paint exploded in Haley’s hands, resulting in an abundance of yellow all over the canvas. When I asked what that represented, Haley said that particular shade meant joy in her mind.

I was immediately taken back to a peer group exercise a few weeks prior. We were encouraged to share what single thing we would change in our business and personal lives if anything was possible. The only phrase I could express over and over was, “I’m lacking joy.” It felt like I was choking on the words.

After Haley’s session, I made a conscious effort to inject joy into my day at every opportunity. I was less intense and more confident. I took time to appreciate the lovely moments that I’d normally breeze by. Just six days later, I had the biggest single day in business of my entrepreneurial career. I made as much money in 24 hours as I used to earn in half a year at my corporate job. There was no promotion or special offer. I can’t explain the windfall other than to attribute it to the reminder of joy in Haley’s painting and intentional manifestation.

Needless to say, I’m becoming much less skeptical of the woo.