CORE Spin Club

CORE Spin Club is the business baby of Krista and Tyler McRae – a husband and wife duo passionate about creating a supportive, fit, and healthy community.

Their newly branded Calgary spin studio combines a positive atmosphere of inclusivity with high-energy music and motivating instructors. Style-wise, we were inspired by the sunset tones and retro vibes of Santa Monica.

CORE Spin Club


Logo Design

Krista and Tyler have done a great job creating a full line of swag using components of their logo. Consistency with fonts, colors, and graphics are making CORE a recognized and sought after brand.

CORE Spin Club


Promotional Collateral

We created a series of print material for CORE’s Grand Opening, including discount cards, postcards, vinyl banners, and website artwork. Fully opaque window and door graphics were perfect to announce the Club’s arrival as contruction carried on behind the scenes.

CORE Spin Club

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Nikki Takahashi

Nikki is the owner, Brand Designer + Stylist at Fetching Finn Inc. She earned the Governor General’s Award with honors in Multimedia Production. By 2009, she was trading in her corporate digital media career to start Fetching Finn Inc., turning freelance brand design into a full-time gig. She runs on minimal sleep, maximum amounts of ambition, solid genes, and a lot of Diet Pepsi.

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